In 2010 at Blue Morpho Excursions in Iquitos, Peru, I skilled my first metaphysical transformation with sacred geometry that triggered me to launch an extended held compressing emotion of worry that manifested in my throat and funds. Worry felt like a brace round my neck internally and externally through which the within brace pushed outward forcing my throat wider whereas the exterior brace pushed inward like a shrinking band. I usually had problem talking attributable to this phenomenon, and as a member of a choir, I couldn’t sing longer than an hour as my voice would go hoarse even when I used to be hydrated. Worry was a literal ball and chain round my throat and neck.

Previous to my go to to the Amazon forest, I misplaced a big contract with the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority. I had purchased a subcontracting enterprise in 2005 with my private financial savings and constructed it from a one-machine avenue sweeping enterprise into three machines to serve a number of authorities, municipal, development, and residential homeowners affiliation contracts. I used to be the one girl owned avenue sweeping enterprise in San Diego County, which I state to not promote myself as particular for my gender however to state that I valued my place as a solo feminine chief in a subject that was male dominated.

I’d lose the contract with the Airport for just one motive. I used to be blind to the husband’s habits. He selected a wide range of addictions, resembling mendacity and playing as his type of manifestation on this actuality. Whereas some people select creation, he selected destruction.

I didn’t know on the time that my husband was a gambler, though the indicators existed. I didn’t hate my husband despite the fact that he did communicate derogatorily about me behind my again. I believed he was my finest good friend who had points with reality attributable to a scarcity of masculine power in his childhood. I believed his background of poverty was simply the circumstances of his upbringing however not who he was. But, time would show again and again that he most popular pretending that he was profitable versus being an motion taker. He liked that I would offer financially whereas he might discover causes to vanish into his fantasy realm. For many who need to know the important thing to an enduring marriage, I’d inform you that it’s essential to first meet in actuality, not fantasy. Second, it’s essential to pay attention. And third, love your partner with all of your coronary heart.

After I misplaced the four-year contract with the airport, I knew my enterprise, credit score, objective, and state of nicely being was additionally derailing. I used to be in a state of maximum worry as I knew I used to be heading in direction of chapter. Though I used to be Mormon on the time, I discovered no solace on this faith that primarily based its religion and follow in power and energy from a wrathful male god, a patriarchal system that diminished girls, and gossip. Simply as males within the church selected distortion of energy by authority, girls within the church selected distortion of energy by self appointed judgment within the type of disparaging phrases, which is a distorted software of the masculine power.

The masculine power had failed me and I needed to discover a answer in its reverse, the female power.

Since I used to be a personal follower of shamanism, which is a follow of reaching altered states of consciousness by meditation, visualization, sounds, frequencies, and in some circumstances, sacred psychedelics, I made a decision to drink Ayahuasaca within the Amazon to eradicate my worry and open divine love, if such a factor really existed. It might be my first time exploring psychedelics. It might be my first go to to the Amazon.

Throughout my first ceremony at Blue Morpho Excursions, I drank half a cup of Ayahusaca. It’s a tea combined from two vegetation, the Banisteriopsis Caapi Vine and Chacruna leaf, also called psychotria viridis, that create the power to see along with your inside imaginative and prescient, which is dimethyltrptamine. Should you dream at evening, you might be utilizing your inside imaginative and prescient.

For many who assume it is a drug journey or a software to get excessive, let me dispel the parable. Ayahuasca is called “La Purge” or “Vine of Loss of life.” There is no such thing as a excessive from Ayahuasca. You expertise intense visions and knowledge from Mom Vine whereas concurrently vomiting or defecating your toxins, feelings, mindsets, and discordant power. You vomit your ache. You shit your struggling. And infrequently, you cry from the depth of emotional launch. This isn’t a simple plant to take into your physique, however it’s sacred. It’s sacred as a result of the plant has intelligence and it’ll communicate to your inside ideas once you ask questions.

The plant could be very female, protected, sort, nurturing, and useful very like a mom with a new child. You need to additionally know that you could inform the plant, Mom Vine, that you’ve got seen sufficient of the message when it will get too intense. You need to inform her, “Thanks Ayahuasca. I’m resolved with this reminiscence. You possibly can launch this from me” after which the struggling is launched whilst you vomit the power into your bucket otherwise you race to the bathroom in order that you do not shit your pants.

Inside minutes of consuming Ayahuasca, I noticed immaculate, colourful fractals referred to as sacred geometry. I didn’t know what they meant, however I witnessed their magnificence, feeling, and shade. The fractals or sacred geometry are codes that maintain info, frequency, intelligence, objective, and which means. They steadiness your feelings. As I used to be witnessing a crimson fractal, I used to be feeling intense worry that I started to lose consciousness of who I used to be, the place I used to be, or why I existed. If it had been doable, I’d have commanded in that second that I be completely destroyed because the worry and confusion was so excessive that I didn’t know who I used to be. I used to be in an area of extreme separation and aggression, utterly out of my physique and fracturing that it led to a sensation of everlasting struggling.

As I sat in my room of confusion, the plant requested me, “Do you need to depart?” It requested me a number of occasions. I will need to have answered, “Sure” because the visions instantly stopped and all ranges of worry dropped to nothing in a second. The plant stated, “Go to the toilet.” I heeded her recommendation.

I sat on the bathroom and pushed. As I pushed, it felt like a hose leaving my physique as if it was the longest defecation within the historical past of defecations. If a monument might have been made for “most intense poop,” I believed I had achieved it. After I peered at the bathroom bowl, it barely held a factor. I had felt a large snake slowly descend and depart my physique, but the bathroom confirmed me it was all energetic. Worry had been bodily felt because it launched from my physique.

I walked again to my mattress on the ground. As quickly as I sat in lotus place, the visions started instantly. This time was totally different. I used to be aware, conscious, and grateful. I felt at peace. I knew that my feelings had led to the lack of my airport contract, so I requested the plant to indicate me why I used to be struggling a lot. The plant confirmed me a imaginative and prescient of cords very like a collection of guitar strings that shaped phrases, like accord, love, pleasure, and integrity. Every time the phrase was shaped by the guitar strings, I felt the frequency of the phrase. Photographs are highly effective, but emotions supersede the whole lot. The plant can present you pictures, but pictures solely attain the extent of the mind. Emotions are the true educator as they attain all ranges of your bodily physique and tremendous aware self. Ayahuasca educates by emotions. The best discovery I gained from my ceremonies was the will to really feel divine love. I got here near experiencing it in Peru, but I knew it was simply the floor.

Upon leaving this sacred ceremony, I made a number of choices. I ended my marriage, moved from California to Montana to stay in nature, closed down my subcontracting enterprise, and pursued a profession within the subject of sacred geometry because it was essentially the most transformative software for manifestation. I discovered the Codes of AH™ in 2012 and was licensed as a practitioner in 2013.

The Codes of AH™ are sacred geometry created by Ivonne Delaflor who hears the music or the tones of the codes earlier than seeing the fractals. When she sees the code, she is seeing the codes from the infinite thoughts, intelligence area, or infinite divine intelligence. If you’re clairvoyant, you may hook up with the Clever House to see your life objective, items, and motive for being on earth right now. The Clever House is a supply of reality.

When Ivonne sees the photographs or codes of their unmanifest type together with her inside thoughts, she asks, “What does this code or picture do to me?” She feels them. She understands them in a frequency state. Upon feeling the frequency, she attracts the picture or code on paper or paints them. She proceeds to make use of a Tesla Coil Machine to report her voice whereas praying and chanting whereas the Tesla machine is linked to her pc. Software program applications on her pc permit her to finish a code with particular color list, proportions, numerology, phrases, and her recording. She names the precise Code of AH™ based on its objective, which is likely to be worry elimination, physique dysmorphic therapeutic, or opening clears channels for monetary manifestation.

Ivonne Delaflor says that the Codes of AH™ create concord, a connection to nature, sacred drugs therapeutic, and infinite divine intelligence.

What’s concord? Concord is one other phrase for accord, which was proven to me within the ayahuasca visions in Peru. I consider the Codes of AH™ create a connection to divine love, which is our beginning proper to expertise but is troublesome to manifest as we stay on a restricted provide in a fallen state. We’re fallen solely within the sense that we disconnected from Supply as our dad or mum to hook up with a brand new rapid dad or mum known as a Soul and Monad. It is a type of development that we expertise lifetime to lifetime and time matrix to time matrix. There is no such thing as a last vacation spot known as Heaven as Heaven is within the current second in your sacred coronary heart area.

What’s divine love?

Divine love is a phrase for frequency that I consider is the 528 hertz frequency. It’s a calming, increasing, joyful power that may be felt within the coronary heart as if the center is actually rising in measurement. It feels blissful. In a shamanic state, divine love appears like bluish-white mild within the physique. It’s the very power or frequency we’re all competing to personal, but we don’t must compete when the Soul Connection is restored.

Why is divine love felt within the coronary heart?

The center is an precise clever level referred to as the Coronary heart Complicated, which is the Governing Vessel and Bladder Meridian connecting to create a circuitry system by a collection of factors. It’s a sacred area as a result of it explores the depth of feeling with compassion and understanding that a mind can’t do.

The center is an space for feeling and understanding mindsets with intelligence whereas the mind is a specialist for deciphering ideas. Ideas and mindsets are vastly totally different in that ideas are seen intellectually whereas the center interprets by feeling. When you may really feel, you might be succesful to expertise a sensation that a majority of humanity struggles to grasp.

Feeling is an extrasensory notion that may create intelligence, happiness, creativity, and abundance. Should you concentrate on this reward, you’ll increase it.

I used to be capable of increase this reward of feeling with Golden DNA Activation, which is a technique of utilizing phrases and sacred geometry within the type of the Codes of AH™ to activate aware consciousness of the unconscious, hidden components of your intelligence. Golden DNA Activation shifted my previous fearful pondering into extinction as I linked to a brilliant aware stage of thoughts referred to as the upper self that inspired me to really feel my mission over a course of a number of years, which was to totally perceive ideas, feelings, and mindsets on a private stage, then like a shaman who’s in poor health and turns into his or her finest healer, take motion to launch them with phrases and the Codes of AH™.

Utilizing the Codes of AH™ on myself, I’ve many occasions skilled the identical highly effective, colourful visions that I as soon as witnessed in Peru, but I wouldn’t have the identical bodily struggling that Ayahuasca might create. For instance, I witnessed a previous lifetime side of myself step ahead that wanted therapeutic within the current second in my legs and my arms. I commanded that a particular Codes of AH™ heal the injuries, distortions, and frequencies affecting me within the current second, which opened an intense, colourful imaginative and prescient of a uncared for boy receiving love from the divine female in a quiet cave stuffed with toys, neon frogs, and water. I felt and witnessed the facility of the female that opened the doorway to Divine Love.

I had been conscious for six months that divine love may be activated by altering your angular rotation of particle spin to 45 levels, but I had not been profitable attributable to unknown blocks in my consciousness. Merging two previous lifetimes, the boy and a shaman with my present lifetime, the divine female confirmed me that the trauma opened portals of intelligence by expertise and understanding to develop the power to activate Divine Love as a frequency in my physique.

Divine love just isn’t an computerized frequency that may be felt on this actuality right now because of the human expertise of unconscious contracts, illusions, and shadow physique wants that create the alternative expertise of divine love. When the distortions are launched, divine love is the portal.

Ache may be launched. Contracts may be resolved. Curses may be eradicated. You possibly can expertise a metamorphosis of divine love by connecting to your lengthy misplaced soul referred to as God. Should you do not just like the time period God, I perceive. Merely perceive that God is a time period for connecting through a stair-step course of to your Increased Self, Soul, Monad, ALL THAT IS, and most significantly Divine Love.

Divine Love is the final word software for happiness, bliss, creativity, and manifestation. If you wish to grasp manifestation, divine love is the important thing.

For many who want to have their DNA activated and activate Divine Love, please search out an moral practitioner who follows the Common Legal guidelines. A mentor should use his or her items consistent with kindness, integrity, and impeccability.

Due to know-how, you discover mentors who work over Skype and might supply providers with out the price of journey, meals, and lodging. A Codes of AH™ pracitioner can share the codes on the pc display screen whereas she or he speaks the instructions. Dwell classes permit for flexibility as you’ll be able to talk your wants within the current second to your mentor. The extra you share, the sooner you’ll activate your DNA, expertise a connection to your Increased Self, launch pointless feelings, expertise divine love, and manifest the fact you want to see seem.

For these questioning whether or not they need to enterprise to South America to drink Ayahuasca, I encourage analysis and warning. Ayahuasca can open your consciousness, but it surely may also be exhausting on the psychological, emotional, and bodily facets of the physique. Malcolm Rossiter, a former co-founder and good friend at Blue Morpho Excursions, selected to commit suicide on November 16, 2018 after years of consuming Ayahuasca.

The Codes of AH™ are a software that can by no means hurt your psychological, emotional, and bodily physique. The Codes are benevolent, harmonic, decisive, particular, and transformative. If you’re a kind of individuals who need to know God, otherwise you need to perceive what you might be speculated to do on earth, the Codes of AH™ will present you. The reply won’t be in the timeframe of others. The reply to your existence and objective will probably be in the timeframe of you and your Increased Self working collectively cohesively. Count on to know your self deeper by your Soul Connection. Count on to manifest the fact you need. Count on to really feel Divine Love.

I drank Ayahuasca, seen sacred geometry, launched worry, grew to become a Codes of AH™ Practitioner, and activated Divine Love. You are able to do it too with out the vomiting, struggling, journey, or confusion. Divine love is for everybody.

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